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The South African Marang Men’s Project: HIV bio- behavioural surveys conducted among men who have sex with men in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg using respondent driven sampling

The main findings of the Marang Men’s Project

To date, the Marang Men’s Project is the largest HIV prevalence study conducted among MSM in South Africa. The main findings of the study were as follows: 

HIV prevalence was high among MSM sampled in each of the three study cities.

Self-reported condom use at last sex with a man was high in all three cities.

The majority of MSM in each of the three studied  cities reported having three or more male sex  partners in the last six months.

Limitations of the study
• The use of RDS to sample MSM presents as a limitation.

• This, method does not sample a population directly, but via a connected social network (Kerr et al.,  2013).

• Hence, each network selected in the three cities sampled different sectors of the population category MSM (see Kerr et al., 2013).

• Crude samples in each of our three study cities were an over- representation of particular sub-categories or social networks of MSM.

• Cape Town – sex workers, previously incarcerated MSM

• Durban – students • Self-reported information: Under-and over reporting on sensitive topics such as sexual behaviours (ie condom use at last sex with a man) and alcohol use and sexual intercourse might have occurred.