[RDS] RDSAT 7.1 available with significant new features and enhancements.

We are pleased to announce a new version of RDSAT with new data import tools, table builder and batch processing features. The older RDSAT interface is still shown by default, but you can access the batch mode features by clicking the “Batch Mode” tab below the menu bar.

With the new Batch Mode, you can:
– Import data from delimited text files with column name header (preferred) or SAS xprt (no more manually crafting RDS headers)!
– Define the same set of analyses to a set of data files (for multi-site studies).
– Save the results of analyses to Excel or CSV files.
– Quickly define groups for prevalence calculations.
– Specify a table structure and let RDSAT automatically populate the table.
– Create and save analysis specifications, including data file names, analysis options and output options to an .xml file.
– Document the analysis procedures with the human-readable .xml file.
– Reload and run the analysis (.xml) file to reproduce an analysis.

We tried to design an interface that was more efficient for common RDS analysis tasks. We welcome feedback about the new design, especially concerns regarding usability issues or bugs.

The RDSAT 7.1 software and manual is available from the downloads section at http://www.respondentdrivensampling.org



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