Respondent-driven Sampling

Respondent-driven Sampling
written by Paul Johnson,

So I was excited for the AAPOR webinar on hard-to-reach populations because I really feel like this is the hardest nut to crack in the industry. Unfortunately, I left being underwhelmed probably because of a misalignment of expectations. I came in thinking that hard-to-reach is the same as hard-to-sample so I was expecting the webinar to focus on the hard-to-sample challenges. I am grateful to Dr. Tourangeau for helping me broaden my horizon. As an employee of a sampling company, sometimes I get too focused on the hard-to-sample problem and not enough on the big picture. Still, for this post I want to focus on the hard-to-sample population and open a debate on whether or not respondent-driven sampling can actually produce good estimates that can help a company make informed decisions.

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