HIV infection risk behaviours amoung MSM in Khanh Hoa province

Dr. Truong Tan Minh (Ph.D D)
Dr. Ton That Toan
Dr. Donn Colby
and collaborators

Overview: MSM and HIV


5-10% HIV infection in the world is through homo sexual intercourse

Homosexual is considered a principal cause leading to HIV infection in many countries:
Western Europe, North America, Asutralia Asutralia, New Zealand and countries in South America.

Therefore, in many countries sexual relationships among MSM has not been properly acknowledged.

MSM research in Vietnam

MSM in Ho chi Minh city have high risk of HIV infection due to multi sexual partners and unsafe sex (Colby, 2003)

MSM in Nhatrang are poorly aware of HIV infection and prevention (Wilson, 1999)

HIV infection rate among MSM in 2004 accounted for 8% (Central Institute of Sanitation and Epidemiology, 2005)

MSM and HIV in Vietnam

There is few research about MSM done in Vietnam

We have little information about behaviors and risks of MSM who live in small towns and in rural areas.

HIV infection among MSM in Vietnam has been evaluated only once in Ho chi Minh city

In this research, all MSM were drug addicts so it was not clear whether HIV infection risks were due to homosexual
behaviours or drug injection.

Research objectives

To identify medical and social services necessary for MSM in Nhatrang and in nearby areas of Khanh Hoa province.

To identify current risk behaviours and knowledge about HIV/STI among MSM in Khanh Hoa

To assess the HIV infection rate among MSM in Khanh Hoa Hoa.

Research methodology

To collect quantitative data :

To sample MSM in this research through Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS)

295 MSM responded to a questionnaire (95 questions ) and data analysis was done with SPSS 10.0

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